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Catherine Poarch

Phone: (631) 682-0398 (Call and Text!)


Welcome, Huntington High School Class of '68!

This is your own personal event website on which you can view and purchase all of the photos from your reunion.

All images are unedited and uploaded to this site "as-is" straight from the camera. If you would like the images to be edited, please contact me and we can discuss editing and pricing. (Preferably text or call)


Directions For Site Usage:


I would suggest viewing this site on a desktop or laptop computer as opposed to a mobile device for better viewing quality.


Use the tabs in the upper left-hand corner to navigate the site.

Each tab is labeled by day. Hover your cursor over each tab for a drop-down menu of events from that day and click on the event you would like to view.

Once you are viewing a gallery, hover over a photo you would like to purchase and click 'Buy Now'. This will bring you to the purchasing page where you can purchase a digital image or choose from several other options. If you would like to view an image larger, go to the purchasing page and click the arrows in the upper left-hand corner to view the image full-screen.